My family moved from Calgary to Vancouver when I was 8 years old. I was told, by what I considered a very reliable source, that we were going to drive through the mountains.

Now, I was only a child, but I knew what mountains looked like. Mountains were gigantic mounds of rock reaching up into the clouds. They would be huge and imposing and very very impressive.

Ahuva arrived in town yesterday (yay!). She has been describing the upcoming trip to people as fire/Rockies/prairie/lakes/cities/ocean.

With any luck we should be leaving town tomorrow. To meet her expectations of this journey, I may be able to supply hints of fire – most of the Province has wild fires burning at this moment. In fact, you can’t see our local mountains because of the smoke blowing out of the interior.

The mountains will be more problematic. Eight year old me looked really hard for that entire trip and all she saw were trees. Thousands and thousands of trees. I feel that disappointment to this day.

I am absolutely certain, though, that the prairies will be there. 🙂


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