Mastering the Fundy Wave

I had great intentions of posting everyday on our journey across Canada. Luckily Ahuva did that because I was both too exhausted and too frustrated trying to post with a tablet. Format-wise things will improve when my desktop arrives.

Unfortunately everything being transported in the moving van is apparently going to show up in September. I’m trying to learn to love camping.

The photo up top is of Lubec, Maine (the easternmost point in the continental US). I took it from the Canada Customs office as I waited for the truck with my new fridge and stove in it. Because of my desire for some comfort during this nasty camping period, it also brought a recliner. 🙂

  • I’ve accomplished a few things in the 2 weeks since we left the West Coast.
  • I realized that if you don’t like bridges, and hate coming down mountains in the outside lane at highway speeds, that BC is the wrong province to live in. New Brunswick is gorgeous, built on a civilized scale, and full of what we in the upstart West would call “old world charm”. The people are friendly and helpful, but do have a tendency to wonder out loud why I’d pick here to live.
  • I got a “guy”. Actually so far I have 3 of them. You know what I mean – you need something done and somebody says they “know a guy”. Well now I have an all purpose guy named Stanley, whose first job is to get my wood burning stove installed. Michael is my septic guy and Dave is handling the well. Not bad for the first week.
  • I already hate having to leave the island for anything – Amazon loves me right now. I’ll get over it, I think I’m just really tired of being in the car after the 6,007 km journey to get here.
  • I have mastered the Fundy Wave (my name for it). We first saw it on Deer Island. As we drove past a house a guy lifted his hand up, palm out, and then lowered it again. Ahuva said he must be telling us we’re speeding but, no, that’s the local wave. You do it to everyone you see or else you’ll hear about it at the grocery store. The one variation I’ve seen is for drivers with both hands on the wheel. Two fingers raised on each hand is an acceptable substitute.

I’ll try to be better about posting, my camera is still in its box but I took this next shot with my phone. This is part of the view from my cottage at sunset last night.

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  1. I am past thrilled to read about your travels today. I am so excited to read about how your trip has progressed and how you are doing. I can’t wait to read more about your new home. I love your view!!! JUST absolutely beautiful Maggie. You should have it published in the local newspaper each week or by weekly. Once a month even. So interesting and fun. Your prospective and life experiences mean more to most people than you can ever imagine. I most enjoy. Love ya … Mo 🌹

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