Fire & Water

I will start with another phone pic of Herring Cove Provincial Park because nobody should have to look at my basement, and that’s where much of this post’s news is centered.

Today I have 5 cords of firewood arriving to feed the stove I will purchase later this afternoon. Unfortunately that means I have to leave the island again, but I want that stove! The good news is that Molly won’t have to carry it, Kent’s is going to deliver everything in my order. Which brings me to the water part of this chapter.

It turns out that the state of the well on this property was not communicated as clearly as one might have liked. Water isn’t available as consistently as we’re trained to expect in big cities.

I’ve tracked down a few contributing factors – running toilets, shutoff valves which think 90% is good enough, etc. My septic system guy found a possible solution though – a second well!!! Last night my well guy tested it and it is a bountiful source of all the water anybody could want. Yay!

So, in addition to a wood burning stove, I will be buying the bits I need to add the second well to my household water supply. Once it’s hooked up we’re going to run a hose from my first well to an elderly neighbour’s. She hasn’t had running water for a month and I’ll be able to spare enough to keep hers topped up. So it’s win/win.

This all leads to the final bits I’ll pick up today. The laundry room/back porch will be a test area for paint and floor tiles. With any luck the after picture will be worth the hassle of the shopping. 🙂


  1. Love reading your stories!! Let me know if and when you have an email address so we can chat that way as well ! Did your friend head back to New Jersey?
    What did she think of our beautiful country !


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