A Project-rich Life


I did get the wood burning stove on my shopping trip the other day and it was delivered, along with everything else, less than 24 hours later. This is amazing service to a small island most retailers seem to prefer to ignore.

The good news is that Canada Post sees no problem with us as a destination. This means that Amazon and other internet-friendly outlets love me at the moment. I’m even willing to go through the lengthy process of finding a different food for the cats because I refuse to drive to Saint John just  to buy their preferred dinner.


I seem to always have about 6 projects going at the same time. I think finally arriving on the island after the stress of the West Coast, and the long drive, has allowed me to relax. But too much. It means I’m not being as efficient as I’d like to be right now.

Oh stuff is getting done. Just slowly.

That’s part of the load of 5 cords of firewood I got from Sheldon and Steve. It’s being stacked in what is amusingly referred to as my garage. Think shed and you’ll be closer to an accurate picture of the place.


I’m also ripping out some kitchen cabinets so there’s room for the fridge. I didn’t get a giant sized one if that’s what you’re thinking. No, it’s just that the room was designed for leprechauns and I’m not willing to live on that scale.

I’m also painting and sanding and removing and assembling. Not everything though. This is being written on a tablet using WiFi from the nearby whale watching outfit. I’ll install my own internet and tv (thanks a lot Bell) once my furniture arrives.

Which brings me to the one thing I’ve actually finished.

I don’t know, maybe guilt does work on me after all.



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