About That Moving Van

Moving your belongings across this country is a process fraught with peril. The big moving companies no longer handle everything themselves … everybody contracts out to small independent outfits.

The horror stories that can result include truck drivers that demand thousands in cash over and above what was contracted or they just don’t unload, entire loads smashed to pieces, and/or valuable items just vanishing in transit.

One company said they would transport a 2 bedroom house worth of goods for me more than 6000 km (that’s more than 3600 miles in american) for $1800. No, I didn’t believe them either.

My only real concern with the company I chose was that it was very difficult to pin them down to dates. It turns out that my discomfort was well founded. After more than 5 weeks I have still not received my stuff.

I kept trying to explain that after the local private ferry stops running there is no way for them to get here except through Maine. The owner of the company called the other day (with sincere apologies) and he finally understood. I have also talked to the truck driver. There is, therefore, a new level of confidence that I will have a bed by the middle of the week.

Now I’m fretting that I haven’t gotten everything done I’d planned before the furniture arrives.



  1. Huh. You know my feelings about that moving company. If they actually arrive before the ferry stops, and arrive with all your stuff, perhaps I’ll soften my stance. In the meantime – I LOVE the top picture with the reflections in the mist. Stunning! Hey – take some sunny pictures of waves crashing on rocks. 🙂 I’ll steal it and print it and put it in my tropical sunroom. 🙂 I suspect your pics of water/rocks/sky will be much better than any of mine.


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