And the Camping Portion of the Adventure has Ended

It took five hours to move 129 listed items from the truck to the house. I’m exhausted and I didn’t lift anything. The two men spent the night in the truck at the ferry ramp on the mainland and hadn’t even had coffee when they arrived.

Once I found my coffee maker I took care of that, although none of us ate.

I said 129 pieces were moved into the house. That’s mostly true. My mother’s prized coffee table no longer has attached legs and my ancestor figure from Papua New Guinea is broken. Sigh.

Also it should be noted that I shipped 130 items. A very large box containing many, many baskets and lamp shades (Oh and dog/cat toys but don’t tell them) did not arrive. The driver has promised to find it.

Having said all that, I will sleep in my own bed tonight. )


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