One Ton per Foot

Yesterday was full of firsts. My first touristy excursion (doing laundry at the Provincial Park doesn’t count) which took the form of a whale watching cruise, my first view of the East Quoddy Lighthouse – also known as Head Harbour Lighthouse, my first blue fin tuna, and my first local whales.

At some point I’ll go explore the Lighthouse (at low tide you can walk out to it) but it was cool seeing it from offshore.

We headed out to the Wolf Islands on a stunningly beautiful day. I quickly discovered that I couldn’t see the screen on my phone, so pics were hit and miss. Mostly miss. I have no acceptable photos of sea denizens.

You’ll have to trust me when I say we were entertained by some lazy humpback whales. One in particular, Chevron, made sure we knew it was him by repeatedly showing off his tail.

I had my first encounter with finback whales. The second largest whale in the ocean. We met two of them and OMG.

In the north Atlantic they grow to about 75 feet – 85 in the south. If you’re curious, they estimate a finback’s weight at 1 ton per foot of length.

They could each have picked us up and spun us like a basketball before tossing us to Spain. I think I’m in love.

If the subject of whales and Campobello sound familiar it’s probably because of the Whale Rescue organization here on the island. Our captain, Mackie, is one of the founders; my neighbours Moira (marine biologist) and Jerry (ex Canada Fisheries) key members of the team.

Yes, they lost Joe Howlett this year. They’re still passionate about what they do.

Finally today, for Ahuva. Trees, rocks, and water. 🙂



  1. I’m TOTALLY envious about the whales!!!!! Now that you have furniture maybe I’ll come back and visit. 🙂 Thank you for my picture!!


      1. in your dreams. *grin* there are bugs and spiders hiding in firewood. *laughing* you’d have to provide gloves or it goes on the list of things Ahuva doesn’t do. 🙂


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