Falls arriving2 - Copy

Idle thoughts.

Autumn is arriving quickly. Suddenly there are leaves all over the ground and frost warnings are being broadcast on my phone & tablet.

I gave the Postie a heads-up yesterday that there are a lot of packages arriving in the next week – this means I’ll have a few projects wrapping up. I hope. ๐Ÿ™‚

Wind2 - Copy

We’re getting more wind and fewer days of calm water. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when lobster season finally starts in mid-November.

Jamie has stopped wanting to go for walks. She seems convinced there’s something in the woods behind the house that poses a danger.

She has also added to the number of “beds” she feels are absolutely mandatory on the floor of the sun porch.

Jamie Beds2 - Copy

I’m frustrated by the current state of the house – there are multiple projects in different stages of completion and piles of “stuff” everywhere. Mostly I look around and see mess, but I’m convinced progress really is being made.

Even if appearances would indicate the contrary.

cool2 - Copy

The primary reason I’m feeling optimistic about progress today, though, has to do with the amount of hammering, and banging, and just general noise in here this morning.

Stanley arrived with his tools and he’s starting on the wood burning stove. Step one – make a chimney.

I left the west coast during a full moon. Two and half moons later – things are starting to come together. Soon I’ll allow myself to unpack that new camera and started trying for better pics. Soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

Update: Stanley left for 10 minutes to get a different saw. When he returned, and resumed work, a dark furry beast erupted out of the hole and took off. That was Fergus. The cats had decided to explore. I don’t know where Duff is, but having looked all over the house he’s probably in between the floors somewhere. It’ll be a long time before I’m forgiven for this one.

moon2 - Copy

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