It’s All About Timing

cold wind copy

I’d been thinking about the deadline for my stove installation in terms of the beginning of Lobster Season – I should have been thinking about the weather. πŸ™‚

The good news is that the windstorm and cooler temps arrived after the stove did. (Along with, and yes I’m showing off, a cooked lobster. I thought I knew what lobster tasted like – I do now. I really am being spoiled here.)

autumn2 copy

I had this semi-formed plan in the back of my mind to get the place ready for winter, then, when I have more time, unpack the camera and learn how to use it.

I was aiming for some level of half-assed expertise by next summer when it’s possible to take a boat to see the nesting puffins and other pelagic birds. The trip will be a big deal for me, so I want to be able to capture it.

autumn1 copy

However, it turns out that the start of Lobster Season is an actual “event” here. There will be a huge pier-wide breakfast for the sailors, followed by the Blessing of the Fleet, followed by a 6:00 am start when they will all sail off.

I really think I need to get some shots of this. I have 4 weeks until November 14 – I’ll work on it.

This will mean better pics for the blog as well, I hope. πŸ™‚

dark copy

I’ve spent the past few days installing bits & pieces around the place: shelves under the island, insulation & plywood to cover a couple of holes in the walls (one for a long forgotten vent in the kitchen and another weirdly for a weather station that only needs a tiny hole drilled for a wire), smoke/CO2 detectors, the fire extinguisher, and some nightlights.

Just so you know, motion-sensors on nightlights are a wonderful thing. Unless of course you install them at ground level and you have two cats and a dog and you wake up if somebody turns on the lights.

Ah well.

windsunset copy

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