She Wasn’t Impressed


The Provincial Park is closed for the season which just means no services, no camping, and no “Dogs Prohibited on the Beach” signs.

So I took Jamie for her first walk on a Campobello beach.


That’s her looking to see if the car is still visible.

She spent the first 10 minutes trying to convince me that I had made some terrible error.

I thought, you know, she’d do the dog thing of chasing waves. That’s why I went when it was close to high tide. So she’d have little waves.


Not so much.

She walked next to me at first and then she kept parallel but gradually increased the distance between us.

Finally she made a break for it.


I got her back and explained that, if she hadn’t figured it out yet, I’m more stubborn than she is.

I enjoyed my walk. Eventually she will too. 🙂



  1. were you riding a bicycle with a straw basket on the front handlebars, with the wind blowing back your black cape when Jamie made her break?


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