About That Bathroom

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We’re getting severe wind/rain warnings for weather that’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. I decided that this meant I could play hooky early and go to the beach.

There was nobody else there.


Before I left, though, I installed the new toilet seat that arrived yesterday. I am so tired of toilets seats that break – it’s like they’re all designed for people who don’t actually use them.

I developed a theory that those seats with the “slow closing” lids might have stronger hinges and bolts. It turns out they do – not necessarily because of the closing, but maybe because they cost more so the manufacturer puts more effort into them. I think a footballer player could tap dance (badly) on this sucker and it wouldn’t budge.


I’ve done a few other things to this bathroom – once it’s finished I’ll show you the before/after.

My first project in there was to install a hand-held shower. I mounted it on the wall after putting in a new faucet with the diverter. The rain setting is perfect. πŸ™‚

I love having a window in the shower, but I’m going to have to put a protective coat on the frame when the can of polycrylic arrives. It’s not used to being soaked all the time.


There are a few things I still have to do.

  • Re-seal the tub. I don’t understand the pieces of whatever-it-is that are around it now, but they aren’t working.
  • Install the grab bars. I have the new Moen Anchor System, but I’m not convinced I won’t discover something impossible when I start drilling into that plaster.
  • Fix the toilet. It runs. You’d think it would be easy enough just to replace the innards of the thing and stop all that water waste. The first step to do that is to turn the shut-off valve – except there isn’t one. Stanley and I finally found something on the ceiling of the basement. The second step is to hand loosen the bolt at the base – it won’t budge. This isn’t so much a project as a marathon. In the meantime I use a stick to prop up the balloon in the tank. sigh

I’ll just go work on something else. πŸ™‚

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