This is how Michael came to visit this morning. He’s my septic system guy and we had to make some decisions.

The second well complicates things when it comes to locating and putting in a new system, and it meant that a pump would be required. All things which cost, of course.

The option, which we’ve discussed a few times, is to go with a Fusion System. The installation should be slightly less expensive, although there will be a fee for mandatory inspections every 6 months or so (I think that’s the schedule). In addition to a lower cost, there’s a big benefit in having many more suitable locations on the property.

My West Coast ‘let’s clean up the environment’ soul really wants to update the septic situation – I’m not happy about dumping stuff in the Bay – and the idea of a system that produces “better than secondary quality effluent” is appealing.

Two or three of us on the Island are now booked to install a Fusion System – maybe more will add their names to this initial round and lower the cost even further. 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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