It’s a Good Day


We all know the weather will change soon (the Farmers’ Almanac says snow in 10 days) but for the moment it’s 18C (65F) outside and things are getting done.

I gave up on the toilet and called Stanley. He let me know that it wasn’t my fault I couldn’t get it done (for that alone he stays on my good guy list). Not only did he fix the )$U%% thing, he also installed the range hood so I now have light while I’m cooking.

He and Bryce stacked a cord of my firewood on the front porch for me. This is my “if we have a blizzard I won’t have to trek to the garage to get some fuel” pile. I have a cupboard inside with 2 days worth of wood, and I got a big basket from IKEA to put next to the stove for even more. I’m set. šŸ™‚

I installed the first of the grab bars in the bathroom and I’ll put the other two in once I’ve resealed the tub. I also set up motion detector security lights outside which will illuminate the driveway.

The big news, though, is what arrived in the mail. I have spent weeks looking for feet I could use on the kitchen island project – both to raise it to the height I want and to give it the look I’m aiming for.

I had exhausted my usual real world and online options – either they just offered to sell me 1950s type sofa legs or they planned to charge me $100 for each foot.

In desperation I typed into Google and OMG it exists. The result arrived today. Not only did they have the bun feet I wanted, but they also put the dowel in for me.

They have other things on their site – including brass drawer pulls which are going to help with the other kitchen project I have going.

It’s a really good day. šŸ™‚


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