Another Boring Sunrise


Jamie and I got to the beach just before sunrise this morning. You’re probably getting bored with these pics, but it’s just so damn gorgeous and I haven’t had time to explore yet. Until I can do that, or finish more projects, you’re stuck. 🙂


It felt necessary to get out there today because we have another big storm coming and my muscles keep reminding me that walking in the sand is beneficial. The whole “no pain, no gain” thing.


Jamie is finally starting to relax around the waves though.

Her explorations led to (what I thought at first was) a headless penguin. It turns out that beach art is a “thing”.


When we got home I discovered (less artful but more practical) that the boot scraper/brush I mounted on the back porch works well for sand. The dog refused to try of course.

The sky has gone grey so I’m going to get a book and sit in a comfortable chair. A day off seems like a good idea.


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