So Poseidon is a Little Pissed


We had a storm yesterday which set a new bar in my residency. I know we’ll get far worse, but it was the biggest I’ve experienced here yet.

I had to drive to the Border to meet the truck from Walls Appliances in Maine. It’s a great system – they deliver, install and service what I buy, I meet them at Customs and pay the local sales tax.

The rain was so heavy people actually slowed down on the road. Visibility was very, very, very limited and I got soaked just running into the Customs building.


To give you an idea how “small town” this island is: The Border guards take their jobs very seriously (as they should) however, after waiting about 15 minutes for the truck, one of the guards said that if I wanted to go home and wait they would phone me when the delivery guys showed up.


Today brought clear skies but the wind hasn’t left completely. Jamie and I went to the beach and discovered that Poseidon is pretty pissed at something.

Not only did we get the biggest surf I’ve seen here todate, but those waves were really loud. There would be a crack at the far point when the wave first arrived there, followed by a roar that traveled down the beach to the other end. It was Fantastic!


I should tell you that the guys from Maine brought me three things; a freezer, a portable dishwasher, and a mattress. They also took away the old one off the bed (I love these guys).

My bed is now so comfortable I slept most of the night. Amazing. It is also about 6 inches higher than it was (and it wasn’t short before). I’m going to need a small stool to help me climb aboard. It’s worth it. 🙂



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