Moving Targets


I’m back to using the phone today for this quick post. I went up to the big Lighthouse to scout out locations for me tomorrow morning – I still want to try and take photos of the fleet heading out to sea.

Then I took Jamie to the beach – it’s been much too cold to go for the past few days. She wore her light sweater this time (she has a new, heavier one for later in the season).  🙂

The biggest reason for the -15 temperatures has been the wind chill (coupled with some air from the arctic of course). The winds are causing another kind of problem as well.


The whole island has been gearing up for tomorrow morning – the energy here is palpable and the focused look on the faces of fishermen finally moving their traps to the harbour is easily read. Think of a large train hurtling down the tracks towards one final destination.

Almost every conversation includes the words “til I go fishing” – and it’s understood that no projects will take place between Nov. 14 and Christmas. They’ll be trapping lobsters 7 days a week.

Except for the wind. The fishermen on this island could go out even with the severe winds forecast. However, the ones on Grand Manan (big island south of here) could not. The latter are not interested in a fishing season where our guys get a few extra days (understandably).

A conference call is taking place about now. We’ll know later today. It’ll be like Lucy pulling the football.




    1. The fishing grounds include an area they share – the best fishing takes place in the first week or so – the locals would have a huge advantage if they could fish and Grand Manan could not.
      Control over when the fishermen can go lay traps is so tight that any boats leaving the harbour before the 6:00 am start time get fined.
      FYI there is one place in North America which is disputed territory between our two governments. It is a tiny island near here mostly known as a breeding ground for puffins/auks etc. The issue though involves lobsters – there is a lot of money in lobsters. Where there’s money there is a lot of drama. 🙂


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