I Saw the Ships


I got up at 4 and headed out about an hour later to a thin strip of island that pokes out into the water and hosts the big lighthouse at its tip. There is a small stretch of that narrow two-lane road which gives you a perfect view of the fishing fleet as it exits the harbour to mark the start of the lobster fishing season.

I wasn’t alone – there were trucks and cars lined up and down this little section of that road. They contained ex-fishermen and family members watching the boats leave. And me, the interested onlooker.

It was magical. It was also freezing, but it was worth it.

The absolute darkness was broken only by the lights on the boats. A truck behind me flashed a blue light – the signal announcing that the season was officially on – and the boats did a very graceful ballet out towards the open water.


I’d show you this – after all, that’s why I prepared all the settings and took the camera with its tripod on that cold morning journey. However …. I forgot to charge the battery.

One of the fishermen called me later to see if I’d made it. I told him, and I’m telling you, that I’ll go down to the harbour a few times and try to get shots of the boats and the men working them. Unfortunately, they arrive back with their traps about 1 am. I should be able to do that at least once.

I went out after the battery had charged (sigh) and got this one shot of a boat heading back to retrieve its traps.

Just pretend it’s dozens of boats and it’s dark and the lights are bright and reflecting on the water. Oh, and it’s cold!



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