The Difference a Proverbial Day Makes


As of yesterday, I’ve been here 3 months. I was looking at the calendar and feeling very good about that in spite of a really annoying sound in the background. My toilet was running.

It shouldn’t be running – Stanley replaced the key parts for me and everything was working well up until yesterday.

Understand there are two things I would rather not deal with personally – electricity and plumbing. However, a running toilet does tend to steal water from the well that could be used elsewhere.

I can’t call my guys because they’re out trapping lobsters. The one full-time plumber I know about on the island has just taken a full-time job doing something else.

I was using the interwebs to track down the manufacturer of the replacement parts, to see if they could tell me what to tune to stop the water waste, when there was an explosion of air through the toilet in question.

I’ve decided that wells get indigestion because they periodically burp.

Unfortunately, after that major belch the water stopped running. Not just in the toilet – throughout the house.


I went down into the cellar (my least favourite place) and did the reset lever process which brought my water back. For about 5 minutes.

I did it a few more times with the same result.

I went and got Deb and she did it with the same result.

Remember I can’t call a plumber unless I try to find one in Maine or on the New Brunswick mainland. At least I haven’t found anybody yet who knows one on the island who would be available before the end of Lobster Fishing Season.

I finally gave up for the day (luckily I have a large emergency supply of 4 litre bottles of water). But I was really pissed off at being so helpless.

So I tackled an electricity job I had sitting there and rewired a plug. Successfully I might add. This would seem minor to those of you who don’t mind playing with wires – it was a big deal to me.

This morning I went back downstairs and pushed the lever again. That was an hour ago and, if I listen very carefully, I can hear the toilet running.



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