Less Fun, More Work


My plan was to go down to the harbour this afternoon and play with the camera, however I looked around the house and realized I have a lot of cleaning to do. There is also more wallpaper border in the living room to remove before I can prep for painting in advance of the sofa arriving.

In addition, I have a bunch of shelves that need to be installed in the laundry/mud room and I should do more painting there first. I’m going to try and earn a trip to the harbour by doing chores first. 🙂

Miscellaneous bits & pieces:

I was gifted with two more cooked lobster the other day. When I was breaking them out of their shells there was a sudden rush of cats from the other end of the house. Two cats who have never eaten fish and never been interested in people food. I had to physically remove them from the counter – apparently lobster speaks to them.

Michael came back and we measured the lot again. He wanted to make sure we got it right because according to the Province’s record my property includes what is currently the road I’m on and half of the main Provincial highway (which sounds much grander than it is – think of a narrow two lane road that circles the island).


This is what happens when your land title reads like directions to a farm – 160 ft from the school and just south of old man Alexander’s place – there is of course no school nearby now and old man Alexander is long gone.

I told him to include a note that I am looking forward to their offer of compensation. In the meantime I think a tasteful toll booth in the intersection is the way to go.

As an update on the Lobster fishing – they have been bringing in good catches, but I’m told that the weather is so bad on the water that some fishermen are leaving the boats.

I’ve seen videos Stanley made on his phone and that wind is scary.

The season starts the same day as American elections – second tuesday in November. This year that meant the latest it could possibly be – the 14th – and then it was delayed another day. Earlier starts get historically smoother seas for the initial stages.

I’ll just stay on land and try to get some shots – once the vacuuming is done.


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