What the Wind Blew In


I took a break from the vacuum to get a high res shot of this poor frozen fisherman out front of my place. With any luck it looks like a better photo. šŸ™‚

The wind is so bad today the lobster guys didn’t go out. This resulted in some significant benefits as far as I was concerned.

Sheldon, Stanley, and Bryce came over with another cord of wood … which they stacked in the garage.

Then Stanley and I decided that we’re going to do a lot of “replumbing” in the near future, but first he fixed the toilet. (Yay!)

They saw me wandering around outside with a wind meter (I know we’re getting higher winds than the Weather Network is admitting, I just need a way to measure them). I was deciding where to install it. It’s not supposed to have anything higher than it within about 50 feet. I finally figured that the garage would be good enough and was pulling out the ladder when Stanley asked why I didn’t put it on the roof of the house.

Seriously? How long has he known me?

“I am not going onto the roof. I don’t do roofs.” I replied.

“Fine,” he said, “I’ll do it.”

It’s another good day on the island. šŸ™‚

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