I’m Becoming Very Laid Back


I made it down to the harbour this afternoon, but at apparently the wrong time because all the boats were out.

So, I headed up to the lighthouse and took a few photos across from there. If I ever make it during low tide I’ll walk over and show you what it looks like up close. 🙂


I ran into one of my neighbours nearby. He’s ex DFO but not tired of the water obviously – he was taking his own pics while his dog waited patiently next to him.

We agreed that this is the perfect place to live. Also it’s a great location to be peculiar – I have ambitions to achieve that.


You can see that I played around a bit with the zoom lens. I also practiced with the tripod – there’s a strong compulsion to pick the whole thing up and ignore the need to hold still or level.

I’m going to try and upload the full size of these ( and maybe other) images to Flickr – if it works I’ll put a link in this post and add it to the sidebar. Update: OK there’s a link to the Flickr account at the top of this page, on the right, next to the “About” button. It takes a very very long time to upload the images on this slow internet connection but I’ll try to do some frequently.


I got a few tiny chores done today – emphasis on the tiny. But you know it’s important to take the dog to the beach. It’s also about time I explored this place and meeting with the neighbours is a good, social thing to do.

Taking pics of the gulls chasing the boats is just fun. 🙂



  1. these pictures are so clear and vibrant. Thank you. It really does seem like the perfect place to live. I am in Ottawa, weather wise, not perfect but otherwise a really good place to be.


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