The Weather Has Gotten Serious


This is a photo of the tree outside my sun porch window – it’s scheduled to be uprooted when Michael digs the hole for the new septic system. In the meantime, it gives you an idea of the current weather.

I have to stop looking at weather forecasts as if I’m on the West Coast. Out there, even if they were correct that it was going to snow for a few days, it rarely snowed where I was. Here I have to take it seriously.

Last night I remembered that I never did bring the snow shovel out of the garage and onto the porch – which I had intended to do. I was going to put it off until I realized that an additional 8 hours of snow was not going to make it easier.

It’s hard on Jamie unfortunately. She’s a little wonky at the best of times these days and the snow makes it difficult to get around. I’m going to try a special supplement that is “supposed” to help with old small dogs and their dementia. I’ll let you know how it works.

You remember when I told you I’d gone to a local craft fair and  bought something really cute? Well, knowing the snow was coming, I pulled it out of the garage and dragged it across the yard.


He’s adorable – heavy, but adorable. I realize you can’t see his scarf – the wind has blown it around to his back. It’s long and tartan and perfect for him.

The last shot in today’s post is of my driveway – covered in 5 inches of snow and 1 inch of ice. You’ll notice at the end of it that the plow has made a really nice snow bank. This is not actually a problem – even though the weather for the rest of the week alternates between more snow and freezing rain and daytime windchills of -15C (5F).

The Provincial guys take care of the public roads very efficiently – they came by frequently last night. However, one of the cool things about this island is that, in addition to lobster traps everywhere, many properties are storing snow plows – the kind that get attached to pickup trucks.

Stanley is one of the guys who plows driveways during the winter. Of course. I’m now on his customer list. Of course.

Just after I took this photo his truck appeared and drove up to the house. He dropped off two cooked lobsters. Then he told me to look forward to scallop season.

Gawd I’m spoiled … and very, very, lucky to be here. 🙂


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