About the Water Heater & Incorporation


Back in September I was speaking with a nice woman at NB Power. I was actually trying to find out when I’d get a bill (I presumed correctly that having lights turn on was not going to remain free of charge). Before she let me go she said – “Oh, I see you have an old water heater.” Um, ok. I said I’d take her word for it.

It turns out that I, along with much of the Province, actually rent my water heater from the Power Company. For about $6 or $7 a month. If it breaks they send somebody to fix it “immediately” and they periodically replace it. We actually have a plumber on the Island and he does this for them on contract.

So this week I’m getting a new water heater. I don’t have to do anything but open the door. Nice.

I’m also getting a visit this week from an electrician. It seems the insurance company wants a letter telling them my wiring is up to code. I’m actually a little bit curious about that myself except that the whole notion of “code” is problematic on this Island.

Until very recently this place was the frontier. Plumbing, wiring, building, etc., were skills acquired as you needed them and (based on what I’ve seen in this house) a lot of points were awarded for creativity.

Now that the Island is “incorporated” there are suddenly a lot of rules popping up and the authorities seem to feel it’s fair to make them retroactive.

I’d be happy just knowing why the switch to the light in the office is hiding in a bedroom closet and what the weird wire coming into the house is attached to.


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