One of the online courses I’m taking is from Michigan State and it’s the first in a 4 month program on photography.

I’ve just finished the second week and I’m still practicing with the program setting and a high ISO so that there’s minimal impact from my shaking hands with the telephoto lens. Therefore, today’s post is full of test shots.


As you can see it’s still snowing – but that’s supposed to change in the next few hours. In fact there will be an almost 20 degree shift in temperature from early this morning til late this afternoon.

A lot of rain is supposed to fall in the next 24 hours – then the temperature bottoms out and the wind/freezing temperatures & white stuff come back for the foreseeable future.


I’ll get a few “run around” type of chores done during the warm spell and then I won’t need to actually go anywhere for a while.

Besides, I have enough to do here at home (damn that wall paper border), and there are books to read, recipes to try, and many hours of homework photos to take.

I don’t anticipate any cabin fever issues here. 🙂


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