Learning the Rhythms of the Weather


24 hours ago it was about 10C (50F) and it was raining hard. I got all my errands done, came back home and got the outside chores done. By the time I did, 3 hours later, it was 2C (36F) and it was blowing.

At 2:00 am I took Jamie out to pee. I made her put on her warmest sweater (picture dressing a sleepy toddler and begging them to put their arms in the sleeves) and sent  her out into -9C (16F) with a windchill of -20C (-4F).

This isn’t the first time the temps have changed so quickly, although it is the most dramatic change to date.

The photos show what happens to the rain water pouring over my driveway and lawn when the change happens.

I was a little concerned I was over-preparing for cold weather. It is a great relief to know I got myself a coat and boots that will keep me warm and dry in this new (to me) winter landscape.

The only thing I would have done differently if I’d understood the temperature/wind drama from the beginning is the wood stove. It’s perfectly capable of heating this size of a house, but a larger one would have heated it faster from a really cold start in the morning. At least that’s what the cats are telling me. 🙂


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  1. A quick note on a bigger woodstove.
    There is a reason for a “just big enough” stove. When you are just keeping the house warm on a mild or chilly day, any stove will be burning inefficiently and that results in creosote in the chimney, a too big stove could result in so much creosote you end up with a chimney fire!!
    (been there-done that)

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