No Need for Botox


This was the forecast I saw just before I went to bed last night. I know you think I’m obsessing – well yeah. 🙂

I am sharing this as background to the fact that I took the next two shots from inside my sun porch. There’s just no way I can stand out there in the wind at the moment – my coat/boots/gloves are adequate but my face needs something … I think I’ll look into a balaclava so at least I’ll have the ability to take some photos outside if I want.

In other news:

I have that new water heater. It was as painless a process as I expected. The only glitch was that the new one wouldn’t fit down the stairs I use to access the basement. So, he did what was necessary to make the outside entrance workable once again. Nice of him! That was on my list and now I don’t have to worry about it.

Michael came by and we’ve got approval to put in the new septic system. Of course now the ground is frozen and he’d have to work in the gale force winds. We agreed to wait until 2018 – but that’s only a couple of weeks away.

The electrician also got here and the news is that the wiring is in pretty good shape. At least I don’t need to have the house completely redone, which was my fear.


He is going to replace the panel though. This will get rid of the fuses and put breakers down there. Of equal importance is that it will be a combination panel.

When I first moved here there was a lot of advice about getting a generator in case of a power outage. I’d like to have one for the water pump if nothing else. However, a little bit of research told me that if it’s turned on improperly it sends power back up the line and that can kill the power company person trying to work out there. I thought I’d wait a year and see if it really seemed necessary.

The generator combination panel takes care of the problem. It makes it easy to select what you are going to support and it prevents power from feeding back up the line.

The two photographs in this post are intended to share the mist that forms over the Bay when the temperatures fall as far as they have. Just between you and me – I didn’t see the bird in the next photo until I was resizing it. We’ll pretend I did it on purpose though. 🙂

Finally, as I was writing this update I heard the garbage truck. Without thinking it through – I grabbed their Christmas gifts and ran outside in slippers and no coat to deliver them.

I don’t need botox because my face has been immobilized by the elements.



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