The Importance of Education


Do you want to know what’s different about this photo? I mean, compared to the other ones I’ve taken with my camera. I’m not saying it’s better, or even very good, just different.

I showed you earlier this week the impact of very cold gale force winds on the rainwater flowing across my driveway. This is the effect it had on rainwater pouring over the side of a cliff nearby.

This photo is different because for the first time my viewfinder and the captured image agreed about what was in focus.

I told you I’m taking a 4 month program on photography. It’s offered through Coursera by Michigan State and today I learned about the “diopter”. I have to tell you, even reading this section of the manual (which I did after learning about this) would not have told me exactly what it does or why I would care.

For those like me who didn’t know, the diopter is a lever/button/dial next to the viewfinder which you use to adjust its focus to match your eyesight. It makes perfect sense, makes taking photos less frustrating, and means the course is worth the cost for this bit of information alone.

Excuse me while I get back to it. For once I’m going to complete the week’s assignments before Sunday. 🙂

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