Updating the Project List


The weather this week is following the pattern I documented in previous posts. Snow last night, rain and warmer temperatures this afternoon, followed by a steep decline to negative numbers with high winds and the resulting windchill.

I’m starting to pay attention to the wind direction – I do learn things eventually – and the gale force winds last week came from the southwest. Tonight and tomorrow the high winds are forecast NW and then West.

I discovered the hard way that there is little or no insulation on the southwest side of the house. I’ve done a few things to improve that situation, but I know it won’t be enough.


So, in addition to the septic system and electric panel in January, I’ll be planning to insulate the main floor of this house as soon as practical. This may delay the kitchen because I also have a new roof coming.

One thing it will definitely delay is painting the walls. There’s no point when I will likely be replacing a lot of the bead board with drywall.

He doesn’t know it yet, but Stanley has a new project. They don’t know it yet, but the cats will retain ownership of the 2nd floor for at least another year. 🙂



  1. Debbie here….I want to tell you I enjoy reading your blog. I so wish I could have done more with the house you are in, but I just couldn’t. I miss living there but where I am now, I am protected from the strong winds and vapour. I kind of like that but sure miss the view and the easy commute to my summer job. Enjoy the house that Audber and Vera had built for their family. it has been well used and very loved. It holds so many memories.

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