There are Limits


I have no intention of becoming a hermit during the winter here. I’m acquiring the tools and wardrobe necessary to go out and about in almost all conditions.

There are exceptions. I missed Christmas Dinner at a friend’s house because of the winter storm we had on the 25th. I got a rain cheque though.

Today the temperature was -19C (-2.2F) at 8:00 am, which would have been actually tolerable for the amount of time it took to get Jamie out there and to put the garbage in the bin. It was the -31C (-23.8 F) windchill that made me decide I had to draw a line. At least until I get that balaclava.

There will be days when just reading in front of the fire should be all I’ll be expected to do.

I have enough wood stored inside to last for days. The same is true of food and other essentials. I don’t need to go anywhere.

I did discover something else this morning though. If you store your portable dishwasher in the inadequately insulated laundry room, and the temperature dips really low, expect to have to melt the ice in the hoses before you can use it.

Project insulation is going to get a lot of attention in the New Year. πŸ™‚ Now if you’ll excuse me there’s a fire, a couch, two cats, a snoring dog, a book, and a coffee with some Kahlua in it (I don’t know how that happened) all waiting for me.


  1. Well Maggie I sure hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you also enjoy New Year Celebrations! Miss you here back in Ladner but absolutely look forward to reading your blogs ! Glad to be connected !!!


    1. So thought I would mentioned n how confused I am at the time on that reply
      It is dec 29 th at 9:21 I’m the evening and it posted
      Dec30 at 5:21 am ….didn’t think there was such a time difference lol 😝

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