Sea Smoke & Ice


Most people on the Island call it mist, but I am reliably informed that this is sea smoke. I learned this in conversation with Mo, my marine biologist neighbour. She and her partner Gerry are also avid photographers.

Mo and I were chatting in the grocery store on Friday when she showed me a photo she’d taken with her phone an hour earlier. I was blown away.

I headed up to the same spot this morning to try and take something to show you because I live in a place where “those” images are captured.


You know the ones I mean. All the ice coating the Lighthouse and the waves dancing around it. Images like this.

I didn’t actually expect to get one as outstanding as hers, partly because I would have to climb down the ice stairs next to the “hazardous” sign and set up my tripod etc.

This morning’s excursion was going to be with phone camera only and I’m not going down the stairs until my warmer socks show up. 🙂


I was a little concerned that I might miss the window of opportunity for the full ice image. Then I looked at the weather forecast and, yeah, I don’t think that will be a problem. I’ll head out again later this week.

So, while not as dramatic as Mo’s, here it is. I’m very pleased with this shot. Particularly from a phone.

Happy New Year! May you all get the opportunity to achieve your dreams!




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