Confused in the Atlantic


I know I’ve whined about it on here, but it’s been between -21 and -30C for a long time now. So can anybody explain why, when the forecast was for more of the same, I suddenly started getting “Cold Weather Alerts” broadcast over my phone and tablet?

I mean where have they been?

Speaking of which, there’s been a huge build up to the storm coming tomorrow. I thought I was imagining things, but long-term residents have assured me it’s EXACTLY THE SAME as the storm we got on Christmas Day. Without all the alerts/warnings/media stories.

Maybe we’re wrong. That’s possible. Also, Christmas Day was no picnic with 100km/h winds and blowing snow. So I have been preparing.


You’ll notice something missing in the first two photos on this post. No sea smoke. It’s a balmy -9 and there’s almost no wind.

Did I go take pics of the Lighthouse? No, I did not. I put recycling in the car, took out the garbage, brought in piles of firewood, and moved the bollard in case it gets buried in snow and one of us drives on it. Now I’ll clean the house.

Before I leave you though – this next one is the photo I had to submit last week on my photography course. It was to be stop-motion, good tonal values, and something familiar to me. You can tell I took it on a really cold day.

It’s no ice-covered Lighthouse though.



    1. I’m not well versed on that except to say there are few wind turbines around the Bay and none on this island. The focus seems to be on harnessing the enormous power of the big Bay of Fundy tides with underwater turbines.
      The first attempts failed because the turbines weren’t strong enough. There’s a new project but not surprisingly it’s not popular with fishermen or those who deal with the whales.


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