It’s a Wee Bit Chilly


That’s frozen sea smoke and spray on the rocks. It’s -31C today. The good news is that it is supposed to warm up to just below freezing on Monday. It will feel almost tropical.

Stanley and I did a tour of the main floor of the house this morning and Project Insulation should start in a couple of weeks (he has some scallop fishing to take care of first).

In the meantime the animals and I are doing fine. As much as I would like to be able to watch this weather from the sun porch, I suspect there will still be storms etc., after we get the work done.

I’ve booked my trips to Machias Seal Island for this summer and I’m already excited about it. Puffins! and Auks! and Terns! and did I mention Puffins?

Two boats a day are allowed to visit the island – one Canadian and one American. The Canadian one goes from Grand Manan Island just south of me. I’d go with them, but it would take me about 5 – 7 hours to get there (ferry north to Deer Island, drive across, then ferry to mainland, drive to Blacks Harbour, then ferry to Grand Manan and drive across) and I’d have to spend at least one night. My chosen alternative was to book on the American ship which leaves from 20 miles down the road in Maine.

One last odd note  – for those who know me anyway. I’m sitting here on an island surrounded by water so you’d think humidity would be high. However, my hair is stick straight. How cool is that? I had more curl when I lived in the desert. 🙂


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