They Say It’s a Dry Cold

MollyinSnow copy

To be fair, the snowflakes are pretty small. I don’t think Molly cares about their size though.

I will say, I have gone out and started her every day during the weeks of winter weather and there has never been an issue (I’m crossing all my digits and touching wood as I say that).

I kept asking people if I should do something to protect the battery during the winter. They all scoffed. Michael did show up the other day to apologize, though, for dismissing the idea that there might be an issue. He then insisted that they haven’t had a winter like this in years.

uh huh

Swing copy

The heavy rain we got during the big storm last week has, of course, frozen. There are a few inches of it coating the world underneath all that snow.

I know the cliche is that it’s like an ice rink out there, but truthfully it’s more like a bobsled run. The path to the garage has steep sections and tight turns. It’s an adventure. It’s also a chance to try out my ice crampons, which so far are working fine.

The hill at the foot of my driveway is more problematic. Big pickup trucks keep getting halfway up and then sliding back a ways.

LonelySCrow copy

I’m not planning to go anywhere until the next big rain hits in a day or so. The people on the Island are starting to figure me out – Richard at the store put a whole bunch of bags of Safety Salt in the back of Stanley’s truck and told him to drop them off here.Β  He did that when he came to plow the driveway.

I’ve been put on notice that I get the last of this season’s fresh lobster this afternoon. After this it will be scallops until later in the spring.

It’s not like I’m about to complain!

Moira (Mo) tells me that I seem more embedded in the Community already than she is. I disagreed. I pointed out that she wrestles whales – I don’t believe the people around here think she needs as much help as I do. πŸ™‚

BeachSideGrill copy



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