The Basement Blues


That’s the floor of my basement this morning. If you remember yesterday’s post, we’re in the snow/ice melting portion of the weather program and the ground is still saturated. Some of the water finds its way into the well conduit and pours into the basement.

Unlike my experiences as a younger person, I don’t have to seek out a sump pump in order to deal with the water. I have a handy creek bed built into the concrete floor and excess water eventually finds its way through there to the outside world.

The problem I wanted to address today is the forecast 3 inches of rain arriving tonight. When it is actively raining you could fill a bathtub in minutes with the water flowing through the conduit. 3 inches of rain? Well, that could be really interesting, not just tonight but also after the water flash freezes and we eventually move back to the snow/ice melt stage again.


I finally received the expanding foam insulation I had ordered to try and plug around the hoses in the conduit. If you look at the last (bad) photo you might be able to see that there was still a small amount of running water when I went to spray.

I’m guessing that the product specs wouldn’t recommend using it in these conditions, but I don’t have much choice. I figure worst case it might at least reduce the amount of water that comes in. Hope springs eternal etc.,

Something else arrived in that package yesterday – my new parka. After weeks of -30 degree weather it was a critical part of my wardrobe I was missing.

Do you know what I was wearing as I ran around town doing errands this morning? Shirt sleeves. It’s 12C (54F) right now. The flash freeze comes later this weekend. My parka is ready. 🙂



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