Goodbye to the Satellite Overlord


I had to go out to the Lighthouse to take some shots for my photography course this weekend, so I’m using a few of the casual ones for this post. As background for your viewing pleasure – picture me in a parka, balaclava, and toque. I was finally warm on one of these excursions. 🙂

I have at last cancelled my Bell Satellite TV account today. The final straw was not:

  • Paying $800 for what were supposed to be free receivers.
  • Doing all the installation myself because they won’t send technicians here (note that Bell Aliant has a service depot 100m behind my house).
  • Getting no discount in price for doing all the work myself.
  • Constantly being passed around their internal phone network when trying to get help – I was at the point of creating a fake employee number since they asked for one so often.


  • Having maybe 2 weeks of actual TV reception in over 4 months of paying for it. Oh, I could watch on my PC and tablet – just not on my TV.
  • Having their service personnel call me “Dear” repeatedly.

Nope, the final straw was the most recent weekly telephone call from them wanting to know how much I’m enjoying their service and trying to upsell me.

It’s like rubbing salt in the frigging wound.

It took multiple calls, and multiple people, and one more request for an employee number, but I have finally cut ties with Bell in Toronto.

I think.

I can watch a lot of television and movies online – and I can mirror all of that onto my TV. I’ll give my receivers to somebody on the Island who wants them and wish them better luck than I had.



  1. I get a chuckle from reading your blog. And yes, what you saw this morning out in the water (Jan 19th) was a minke. I went to the wharf after talking to you. There were at least a half dozen porpoises and one lonely whale. Some do stick around for the winter.

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