Bread & Snow


One of the women I’m getting to know here mentioned that we haven’t had much snow yet this year. She’s worried about what February will bring.

What you see in these images is supposed to turn to rain later today. February is a few weeks away.

I used my vacuum sealer for the first time last night – 36 freshly caught/shucked scallops came through the back door. I don’t understand the size of appetite these kind people assume I have, but obviously the ability to freeze stuff is essential.


One of the things I am storing in my freezer is Monkey Bread – loaves, not the sticky pull-apart version. It has become one of my major indulgences. Any trip I make to Machias includes a stop to pick up enough to last me at least a month.

On one of those trips I learned a new bit of American vs Canadian food trivia. We in Canada are familiar with the concept of “Canadian Bacon”, but for the first time I encountered Canadian White Bread. Really!

I asked and was told it has more texture/density than American. I looked at the woman for a moment and then said – “Oh, you mean it’s not like Wonder Bread!” She agreed with that interpretation. So a bread loaf which isn’t all air, and doesn’t squeeze down to the size of a marble, is an exotic import from the north. Works for me. 🙂



  1. You made me go and look up Monkey Bread and … wow!

    And all those scallops … yum! Well seasoned and then lightly fried in olive olive, and the juice of half a fresh lime added late … serve over a green salad with the juices from the pan poured over as a hot dressing.

    Or perhaps you have another recipe?

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  2. The important thing is not to over-cook them, or they just taste rubbery. You need the oil very hot to sear them brown on the outside but leave the inside sweet and tender. I love scallops!


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