A Place in the World


We didn’t get the promised rain overnight. Instead we got a lot more snow followed by clear skies and sun. Everything is a crisp, beautiful, white and blue.

This presented me with a bit of a dilemma because I know Stanley is off fishing right now. It means he’s not going to show up to plow the white stuff .

I was having my morning coffee, though,and heard some sounds out back. It was an unknown pickup, with a plow on it, cleaning my driveway.

One of my neighbours knew Stanley helped me out, knew he is fishing, and (unlike me) knew that Stanley’s truck is in need of work. So this kind person decided to come over and plow my driveway. He told me to bill Stanley.


Totally apart from the gratitude I feel, this made me start thinking again about creating a place in this Community.

I really would like to feel like I contribute something. Well, something that doesn’t involve plows. 🙂

I have a few ideas, but I’m going to give myself time to understand this new world I’m in and then see if I can use my few skills in some positive way.

Right now. though, I have to get the shovel out to clear the back porch and make some paths for Jamie to get through the big piles of snow. She tells me she’s too old to burrow through them. 🙂


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