A Ghost of a Plan


I’m using photos from previous excursions for today’s post. You’ll understand why as you read through the sad story.

This week’s photo assignment is to take a long exposure image showing motion blur. I could do a clichéd car coming down the hill from Wilsons Beach, but no I wanted to do something different. I wanted one of the scallop boats, in the dark, with its lights reflecting on the water.

I got up early, took care of the animals, loaded the car and headed out to the Lighthouse road an hour before sunrise. The camera settings were done, the tripod fixed in the snow bank, and I had the remote shutter button draped inside the driver’s side open window.

All I needed was a boat.  Nothing appeared.

I waited over an hour and gave up when freezing rain arrived. The camera’s raincoat was left at home.

One odd thing did happen as I was sitting there. I kept hearing what sounded like footsteps in snow. Just a few at a time and then silence.

Now remember, it was really dark, there were no lights, and nobody else around. I thought.

Finally the footsteps started again and then didn’t go away. I could just make out the figure of a man coming towards me with a dog.

“OMG You scared the hell out of me!” I said out the open window. He waved and continued on past me.

30 minutes later he suddenly (and silently) appeared in front of me again moving away. Within 20 feet he and his dog had disappeared. Poof.

I think somebody forgot to tell me about the Island’s dog walking ghost.

On my way home I passed all the fishermen heading for the harbour.   sigh

I should have just stayed in bed.


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