Beyond Mirroring

DrainageIce1 - Copy

This is not a photo of snow. 🙂  This is water forced out of the frozen ground onto the seabed at low tide and then turned to ice.

The other two images in this post are of ice on the driveway the morning after I salted the dry pavement. sigh Michael doesn’t know it yet but he’s going to help me put in a French Drain the full width of the yard. This should dramatically reduce the amount of rainwater and melting ice/snow in the basement as well.

However, although I’m obsessed with rivers of ice appearing out of nowhere overnight, that’s not actually the focus of this post.


I told you that I had managed to mirror my tablet onto my television and it works fine. The downside is that I can’t multitask without stopping the program I’m watching and, of course, you can’t get full screen images because of the different aspect ratios.

So, today I added the TV to the wireless network directly. Score! I have everything I could mirror off the tablet, and I have it full screen, and I can multitask.

It’s now worth getting Netflix – particularly since Altered Carbon starts next week. It’s also another subtle way for me to silently tell Bell Satellite TV what they can do with their *cough* service. 🙂

DrainageIce2 - Copy

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