Time for a Book


I haven’t shared a sunset for a while, so here’s one from the other night. 🙂

It’s currently raining, which is melting the ice and snow … but … we’re promised a flash freeze to begin in a couple of hours.

So I’ve been to the store and I’ve brought in lots of firewood. Now I’ll sit in front of said fire and read a book.

I’m learning from Fergus. I don’t have to accomplish stuff everyday.



  1. That sunset is GORGEOUS!!! Every time you post a picture like that I think – I really need to get up there for a visit. 🙂 And then I remember things like no insulation. 🙂 And by the way – it’s obvious that Fergus is working VERY hard. It’s not easy to keep the furniture down and anchored to the floor. You should be grateful that he is willing to do this for you. I wonder if he’s forgiven me yet…….

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    1. Um it’s possible that, in order to regain their trust and affection, I may have shown them your photo every day for the past 6 months and reminded them it was all your fault.
      But feel free to return anytime 🙂


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