An Efficient Mother Nature


My Canadian readers will be able to tell instantly from this photo that Jamie is ready for the Olympics in her official team sweater. The rest of you will just have to take my word for it.

I took this image a few days ago and the weather has been through our traditional cycle twice since then.

Luckily I have these.


The pavement was frozen but bare yesterday afternoon. At 6 it started to snow, then heavy blowing snow, then freezing rain, followed by heavy rain, and concluding with the expected flash freeze. At 6 this morning my friendly plow driver was trying to remove all the ice covered snow from the driveway. A 12 hour cycle – very efficient.

There are four pairs of boots in my mud room, but the ones with the ice cleats have saved my life a few times already.

We’ll just watch the Games and wait til the next thaw. 🙂


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