After 6 Months


6 months ago today I stuffed the cats into a cage in the back of a car, strapped Jamie into a doggie seat belt, loaded Ahuva’s 18 suitcases (and herself), and headed out from the West Coast to the Bay of Fundy.

A lot of people ask me “Why?”. The truth is that there are a variety of factual answers.

Diaspora1 - Copy

I chose the location partly because of its beauty and partly (largely) because I can afford to live here.

I also chose it because it meant an adventure.

I was very disappointed in grade school when I was told there were no places left on earth to discover or explore. You and I know that teacher was wrong – but even at the age of 10 the “new” was appealing to me. I’m not alone in this.

Diaspora2 - Copy

All of us non-indigenous residents here in North American can look at our family trees and see migrants heading out for new territory over the centuries.

On both sides of my family I have relatives who lived/died all over Canada and the US (including one man who was murdered during a Columbia River salmon fishing dispute). They can also be found in Italy, Australia and further entrenched in Scotland/Ireland/England.

Diaspora3 - Copy

In 1909 a girl, who had just celebrated her 18th birthday, immigrated to Canada from Glasgow. She was followed by members of her family over the next few years.

Just after WWII her daughter left the family in Fort William (now Thunder Bay) and traveled 3,000 km (1900 miles) to start a new life in Vancouver. Her parents followed once her father turned 65 and retired.

My grandmother and mother headed out for new lives – it was in my genes. I’m just doing it later in life.

Diaspora5 - Copy

So far I have to say I’m extremely happy. The Island is as beautiful as I hoped, the people are wonderful, my cats are speaking to me again, and I still see friends/family via Skype (which my ancestors didn’t have).

I have lots of time to make a place here and figure out how to contribute. Happily there are no regrets at all.

Just one part of me is having difficulty with the move – weirdly it’s my sinuses. I’ve been having the first sinus headaches of my life. Still, there’s a reason the pharmaceutical industry is thriving. 🙂

Diaspora4 - Copy



  1. Thank you for sharing your new life with us. I admire your courage to seek adventure and a kind environment to explore. I hope you continue to keep posted for a long time. I enjoy your humour, your resilience and your artistic eye.

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  2. Thank you Maggie!!i feel like while while trenched in the bonds of a hard working lifestyle here on the west coast I can live an exciting adventure through all your wonderful experiences ! I look forward to reading your stories daily

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  3. oh. em. gee. you exaggerate sooooo much. It was only 16 suitcases and a box of hair products. I really should post a picture of what the car REALLY looked like. sheesh. and what about your axe???? i mean really – world’s largest axe???? and you talk about me……..

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