Don’t Hate Me Saff


I went back to the Harbour today to do some photography homework. As you can see they’ve been pulling in the last of the lobster traps and had one more day (or so) of a scallop season.

I ran into Deb’s son Dave and my friend Stanley. The latter said “but I haven’t shaved”, like that made a difference.


We talked about how much I like living in my house and Dave mentioned that it does get cold when the wind blows. No sh*t! Anyway, Stanley told him we’re fixing that. I think I just have to wait until they run out of things to fish for a while. 🙂


I wandered over to the other end of the Harbour and tried taking my homework shots. It’s a lot harder to do when you have to think about it.

I finally realized today that the instructors think they’re turning me into an artist. I just aim to know which buttons to push to get what I want. Artist is a long way away.


As I was leaving I chatted briefly to a woman climbing up onto the pier (it was low tide). It was another one of those friendly conversations you have here all the time.

When I left her to make my way to my car, her son (the fisherman) called me back. He handed me a bag of 4 dozen fresh scallops (because he had too many).  I thought about my scallop loving friend in Oxford.

Sorry Saff. *grin* I love this place!




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