Wet Sand


Everything hurt this morning, all the muscles/joints and assorted body parts. I suspect it’s because we moved from very cold and dry to pretty warm and wet today.

I wanted to lie on the couch and make like a turnip, but instead I spent 90 minutes replenishing the various caches of firewood I have around the house.


By the time I was done my body parts were operating the way they’re supposed to (well except for my hips, they are a lost cause).

So, Jamie and I headed to the beach to see what it looks like when it’s really soaking wet.


This was a long weekend just past and the Island emptied. You could feel the complete lack of population. Very weird.

In the summer there are around 3,000 people here – that is reduced to approximately 840 over the winter. I swear almost all of them headed off to Bangor or Florida last Friday.


We’re back in front of the wood fire now. I’ve done my chores for the day and Jamie is exhausted.

Honestly – life is just a whirlwind.  *grin*


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