Overdue Thanks to Kameko


Let’s ignore composition for the moment and talk about lenses. The same one which takes photos like the first in this post will also allow me to do this:


In fact it will allow me to take photos less than a foot from the subject.

Everytime I wonder if I “can”, with the equipment I have, it turns out all that is missing is skill/experience. I’m working on that.


I purchased my camera stuff in a blur before I moved here and relied heavily on the expertise of a woman named Kameko at London Drugs.

I knew the camera body I wanted, she picked out the lenses and everything else.

Thank you Kameko! I got really lucky when I met you. 🙂



  1. You may have mentioned this in a prior post, but what camera ARE you using? Because it’s unlikely I’ll be able to go see Kameko myself any time soon. 🙂 You ARE taking great photos. You always did but the camera has definitely upped your game.

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