A Few Friday Notes


I’ll illustrate this post with a few random shots taken this morning at the Roosevelt Campobello International Park. The Park is closed of course, but I live here so …..

There’s a big annual music festival on the Island every August called FogFest. I missed it last year so I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing everything this time. Well except for one thing – it includes Jazz. I didn’t get that gene.

There’s a venue across the street from me and I’ve been building altars to all the Gods I can find praying that I wouldn’t be subjected to the J word.


I’ve been told that they usually have that particular genre at venues like the Roosevelt Park because they’re bigger and can handle the crowds.

Whew! I’ll hang on to the altars just in case though.

I went to Machias this week and left Jamie at home. She obviously woke up while I was gone and vocalized her displeasure. This means by the time I got back she’d lost her voice. Sigh.


I found a place to get my woodblock prints framed by a fascinating woman. I also went into the used furniture store – big mistake. Eventually I’ll find a dining room table there, but in the meantime I will probably find enough other pieces for 3 homes.

On the way back I saw this wonderful couple of old time Hippies who demonstrate next to the road in Lubec. They aren’t wearing tie dye like they do in the summer but their homemade signs saying “Lock Him Up” don’t change.

I haven’t posted frequently of late because it takes forever to try and upload anything. I’m told that by 2020 they have to provide me with 20 mps download speed. I’m promised that upload speeds will improve proportionally. It’ll be dizzying.


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