Expanding the Horizon & A Helpful Household Hint


Jamie & I did one of those “what happens if I drive down this road” excursions this morning. It’s not a huge Island but there’s a lot of it I haven’t seen yet.

You can tell that, once again, it’s low tide. If the water was at its usual high point you could just step onto your boat.


I’m no Heloise, and the idea of me providing any value in household hints is laughable, but I’m going to try anyway. It may be I’m the last person in the universe to discover this little tip but just in case there’s one other person ….

Before I left the West Coast my Dentist’s office gave me a sample of Sensodyne Rapid Relief. (Note that the formulation differs by country, the version I’m talking about says “Works in 60 Seconds” on the package and contains Strontium acetate hemihydrate.)


You’ll see on the box that it claims to work in less than 60 seconds. It does. In fact, I’ve never used it in my mouth. I figure skin is skin and I first tried it on a bug bite.

Since then I’ve used it with amazing results on minor burns (remember the wood burning stove) and hives. Just apply a small amount and it completely numbs the area for a long time.


A couple of weeks ago Duff decided to jump on the wood burning stove – when it was burning wood. He didn’t stay long, but still he was obviously in distress.

I checked and there were no blisters so I tried the Sensodyne on his toe buds and pads. Within minutes he’d laid down and gone to sleep. I put more on the next day just in case and there have been no lasting effects of the burn.

He’s the one on the back of the sofa here.


I gave my tube to a friend whose young daughter had hives – worked like a charm. So I’ve ordered a few of them and the local Pharmacy is bringing some in as well.

I thank my Dentist’s office 🙂 and highly recommend you add some to your own first aid kit. End of tip.

As we drove home this morning the clouds broke and the sun shone on Lubec in the distance. They’re getting used to me quickly pulling over and getting out the camera here.


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