They say we’re supposed to get about a foot of snow tonight/tomorrow. Mind you, they also strongly imply that my little weather zone will get a few flurries and then rain.

I guess it depends on Mother Nature’s mood.

Speaking of zones …


This is the view my new septic system will have. I always say that nothing is too good for VIST (Very Important Sewage Technology).

Along with digging a big hole for the Fusion System, Michael is going to be asked to create a large trench across my yard for drainage. I plan to use the soil taken out of there as the starter for new raised beds here …


What does this have to do with zones? Well, my Veseys catalogue arrived today (that’s drool I just wiped off the page). I am according to them, and they are the experts, in Hardiness Zone 5B. Good to know.

I can’t do anything until there’s an actual garden to exploit, but between Veseys and some seeds I’ve been accumulating, I’m getting ready. Of course, it will be a couple of years so don’t start looking for bouquets yet.



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