Planning Ahead


We had very fine snow over night, but a limited amount. We’re expecting another big storm in a couple of days.

I did a quick trip to the Harbour this morning and I think they’re starting to get used to me. 🙂


There were some very active pigeons – it’s the first time I’ve really noticed them. They were also very loud.

This next guy I’d expect – after all, the Harbour is a natural location for the gulls. If he looks embarrassed it’s because he should – honestly he’s quite incompetent when it comes to walking on snow. I suppose it’s a sign of character that he didn’t give up.


I spent time with Stanley yesterday planning our various projects. My job this week will be to get all the window frames sanded and coated.

I don’t know why it’s exciting, but he’s going to arrange for a dumpster and I’m really looking forward to it. I figure, in addition to the old paneling and roof tiles, I can clean out the garage and get rid of the swing set at the same time.


The spring Lobster fishing season starts soon, although it isn’t as intense as the one in the fall. We should be able to work on the house in parallel.

I’m also going to try again to get shots of them heading out early on the opening day. I’ve found my way to the old canning plant on the other side of the Harbour and plan to set up there. I’ll get it right eventually. 🙂


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