Solving the Chicken Mystery


I guess I should update you on the storm first. 🙂

I took Jamie out about 1:30 this morning and it was raining. It had obviously been raining for a while – much of the area was bare of snow – helped by the fact that my Snow Angel had plowed about 9:00 pm.

This morning we woke up to this. Only plows and tractors are on the roads now.


Anyway, about that mystery. I told you months ago that some really strange chickens would congregate in the road – they have a tendency to surround you and scold you for coming by. It’s very disconcerting.

It turns out they are really guinea fowl “crossing the road” to get to the golf course. Dale did a brief video of them holding their meeting on the fairway.

I still think they’re strange. 🙂


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